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Get Thee to Harare

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on October 29, 2003

So according to this Guardian story (link only good for now, since the Guardian still hasn’t gotten their act together), the West Indian tour of Zimbabwe won’t be broadcast live on television. I have two things to say about this.

1. Why are we touring Zimbabwe? I realize that the cricketers have little control over what Mugabe does – fine. By all means, bring them over here. But touring the country seems a) dangerous and b) callous. Maybe I’ve missed it all, but where is the outrage? Why aren’t Cudjoe et al standing up for opressed black Zimbabweans instead of suggesting ridiculous quotas at UWI? Attilah Springer, why is it that you’d be more upset about a West Indian tour of New York than Zimbabwe? I suspect that the silence will continue.

2. With all the weeping and gnashing of teeth that goes on around the Caribbean over the performance of our cricket squad, you’d think that SOMEONE could get the cash together to broadcast the games live. Ensuring that young people actually see the sport is integral to making sure that we have future generations that are actually interested in it, and can provide talent for future teams. Of course, given that anyone in Trinidad with enough power to do anything about this is illiterate, I’m probably wasting my time by writing this.


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