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We’ve Got To Save The Chickens!

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on September 2, 2003

It seems that one is always hearing about chicken or bread prices “going up” in Trinidad. I find this baffling, since it would appear to be a rather obvious incidence of a cartel, which should be illegal. Well, if it is a cartel, it seems they’ve gone too far. In a rare instance of good government, Camille Robinson-Regis says she wants to remove import surcharges on chicken, which is excellent news for the consumer. Now poor people will no longer be forced to subsidize the chicken industry, always a good thing. Unfortunately, CRR insists that the removal will be only temporary, so as to avoid having them for so long that it “damages the industry”. This is, of course, the politician’s way of saying “damages the contributions and kickbacks we get from stakeholders in the chicken industry”, and so I suppose we’ll all be paying taxes to keep Jai Ramkissoon in business for a while.


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