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Biting Oneself In The Ass

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on August 14, 2003

The New Republic has an interesting article about ectogenesis, a new technology that will allegedly allow the gestation outside of the womb. Personally, this opens up a new dilemma, since I’ve always found a woman’s right to be pregnant to be the most compelling argument on the pro-choice side. In the end though, I think the pragmatic harms of unwanted children and backalley abortions will still carry the day for me, and I will remain firmly pro-choice. Yes, that includes being against parental notification laws. Call me the “L word” if you must. At any rate, Zimmerman gets it right when she says that pro-choice groups better get ready for the legal ramifications of viability being extended to conception, especially since it’s not like poor women are going to have access to ectogenesis, and so if they can’t get abortions, they’re going to be SOL.

The article also mentions that the research involved in ectogenesis may not be completed in the US due to our exceedingly silly restrictions on stem cell and IVF laws. This amuses me, since those laws are in place thanks to the same pro-lifers whose cause will be helped immensely by the new development. Ha, I say.


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