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Posted by clubsodaandsalt on July 24, 2003

TPM hits the nail on the head on this whole Bush lied about nukes issue. Check it:

The possibility that such a hostile and threatening regime could acquire nuclear weapons is sui generis. You simply can’t compare it to this or that many liters of VX nerve gas or botulinum toxin.

People don’t really seem to understand the difference between nuclear weapons and biological weapons and chemical weapons. They’re all referred to as “WMD”, so of course the brain-dead media assumes that all three pose the same level of threat. False. Chemical weapons, which are what you always hear about Saddam possessing, would pose practically NO THREAT to the United States, or really, any of its allies, with the possible (but unlikely) exception of Israel. It was the suggestion that nukes could be involved that really got the more discerning crowd behind this war, and they brought myriad less-discrening folks along with them. Problem is, once that latter group was behind the war, they stayed there. They didn’t, for instance, pull their support once it was learned that the Niger evidence was a steaming pile of, as BC would say, shiretrit, even though this happened before the war started. Anyway, I still think it strange that this is the lie that folks have latched on to, but it’s certainly a bigger deal than the Bushies would have us believe. Also, TPM does a great job with other parts of the post as well, so I’d implore you to go read it.

In related news, why are the Brits sticking by this evidence? I suspect it’s just so that Tony B won’t take any more heat than he’s already getting, but it seems like a lost cause to me. Laurie or Damien, care to enlighten us with your view over there? And while you’re at it, are we going to be seeing a PM Brown instead of Blair sometime soon?


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