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FreeTrinidad Letters In Review

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on July 11, 2003

It’s time once again for the Letters In Review! Today, the Letters Page of the Express provides excellent fodder for my snark, so let’s begin!

Letter #1:
OK. So this letter starts off well enough. The letter writer discusses the tragedy of Trinidadian attitudes towards homosexuality, and brings up an example that I too found depressing, the acquittal a few years ago of a man who killed a homosexual who attempted to seduce him. Israel Khan has been one of my least favourite people since then. Anyway, all of a sudden, the letter writer finished denouncing prejudice, then suddenly launches into some bigotry of his own:
For to [reject the caste system] would be to reject the sacred teachings of Hinduisma religion that deserves to be described as loathsome and cruel for the abhorrent cruelties and injustices ordained and sanctioned by it.
Damn. Homeboy sure hates him some Hindus. And it’s not like other religions that are JUST as guilty of having bad members (like, oh, I dunno, the religion whose leaders tacitly endorsed the Holocaust) come in for this treatment. In fact, he calls Christianity, a religion with QUITE a bit more explaining to do than Hinduism, “the religion of love”. Whatever.

Letter #4:
This will be pretty quick. I just want to note that while the letter is headed “Remember Maloney Building 19”, the letter actually implores us to remember Maloney Building 18. Mmmmm, irony.


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