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Who edits this junk?

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on June 27, 2003

I was reading this article in today’s Express, and I was treated to this glaring error:

Among those who said they had no choice but to leave, was a six member team from Trinity College, a Catholic boys college in Moka, Maraval. Principal Llewellyn McIntosh, said he would otherwise have been in a double bitter irony. Apart from running his own Catholic school, Mc Intosh, who is also calypsonian Short Pants, is on the board of Bishop Anstey High School, a Catholic girls college in Port of Spain.

Trinity College and BAHS are ANGLICAN schools, NOT CATHOLIC ones. I mean, I could make a few jokes about Anglicans being Catholics who can get divorced (and I’d get to, since my mother is Anglican and my father’s Catholic, giving me double joke immunity) but they are actually somewhat different religions, and are certainly run by different boards. This sort of glaring error (BAHS is one of the most well known schools in the country, it’s not like the information is hard to track down) is a fine example of the poor standard of editing at Trinidadian newspapers today.


2 Responses to “Who edits this junk?”

  1. kid5rivers said

    “…(BAHS is one of the most well known schools…”???!!!
    This, after your opening salvo -see your caption- deriding the editorial -and, by implication, proofreading- skills of those at the Express?

    “…most well known…”!!??? Gosh!

    • I’m not sure what you mean. Would you have preferred “renowned”? Please let me know what’s wrong (I’m asking in earnest).

      In any case, I stand by my opinion that the standard of editing at our papers is atrocious.

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