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Legalize It

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on June 25, 2003

The Guardian letters page had two letters of note yesterday. First up, a Jean Stampfli decries the generally filthy state of Trinidad’s streets, rivers, beaches, roadsides, children, and so on. On this, she’ll get no argument from me. It’s pretty sad that Port-of-Spain’s streets are generally far dirtier than those in the notoriously messy East Village. That being said, I’ve got two things to say about this letter. First of all, JS cites Singapore as an example, which I’m never too pleased about. People are always going on about how clean and efficient Singapore is, which is all well and good, but I wish more attention would be paid to the fact that the reason they are that clean is because of a penchant for violating civil liberties. As a card-carrying bleeding heart liberal with a deep love for civil rights, (notice the website name. It actually means something) I’ve got to admit that I get chills, the bad kind, whenever I hear a politician singing Singapore’s praises. But I digress. The second issue with the letter comes from this quote:

I can remember when the fire services used to open the fire hydrants and wash the streets of the city, but alas this too has been abandoned.

Has JS been in Trinidad this year? Is she aware of the extremely harsh dry season that was experien? I mean, I’m all for cleanliness, but opening hydrants during a potential water crisis seems like a poor idea.

Anyway, the other letter of note was one from Dave Prince of Barataria, who notes the pending decriminalzation of marijuana in Canada, or as I like to call it, Liberal Alternate Universe America. He points out the absurdity of the marijuana laws we insist upon keeping in Trinidad, and it’s mostly just cheering to see that at least some people out there have given the issue minimal amounts of thought. That is all.

P.S.: Laurie has reminded me that fire hydrants in P.O.S. use salt water, not fresh water, making the matter of opening them less relevant to a water crisis. He also pointed out, however, that the hydrants aren’t actually opened to clean anything but the pipes. So you can decide on the quality of JS’s letter. Like I always say, I report, you decide. Fair and Balanced.


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