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Closed-mindedness, much?

Posted by clubsodaandsalt on May 21, 2003

Today’s Barbados Nation contains a report on Owen Arthur’s undying love for tourism as a revenue source. Now, I’ve got no problem with going for as much tourist money as possible, but I am somewhat bothered by this bit:

“He added that he could not give the assurance that in the future the sugar industry as it had been known for 300 years would be assured.
He also said he would like to say the future of manufacturing would be bright, but it would have to operate in a more fiercely competitive market than ever before.
So when you ask me five, ten years from now, how will we pay our bills in the country, it will come from a vibrant tourism industry. ”

Well, that seems a bit pessimistic to me. Barbados has decent education and health care… couldn’t Arthur be a bit more ambitious? I know that a number of graduates from UWI St. Augustine in majors like Comp Sci used to end up programming over in Barbados, and it seems to be that it would be a great place for a technology economy to spring up. Good communications, adequate airlinks, and a high standard of living all point to the opportunity to be more than a playground, and I hope that if Arthur is re-elected today (as seems pretty likely), that he recognizes that.


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