Club Soda and Salt

No more stains


Posted by clubsodaandsalt on May 18, 2003

[This post has been edited – EP]

How can anyone read this article and not be both depressed and enraged? The HIV prevalence rate in Trinidad and Tobago is 2.5 percent amongst adults. Yet, the idiots who run our country still utter nonsense about having to form “councils” to decide on sex education in schools. Are you kidding, Manning? For Christ’s sake, can we cut the bullshit and give kids condoms NOW? Even the UNC had figured that out already. You know, they may have been evil corrupt fascists, but at least they weren’t completely controlled by moronic religious fundamentalists. Meanwhile, the Church continues to expel pregnant teenagers from its schools, and refuses to loosen its stance on contraceptives, while afiliated groups like Pro Vita continue to keep the public living in the Dark Ages. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think that AIDS could find better friends than these people. If you give them money, the blood of many victims will be on your hands.


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